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October 2, 2011 ckeeter1

The California State University has a great outlook on journalism. They translate it as storytelling. Really, it is. Each new topic that you get to write about is someone else’s story. We have to understand how to get all of their story down on paper as journalists. This school seems like it would be interesting to attend for journalism. You will learn how to write good, have sound research skills, and can think critically. This will be valued by boss’s when applying for jobs.

I believe that getting a good education for journalism is a necessity. Johann Hari was a star columnist for the, “Independent” magazine. He had never went to school or taken any classes for journalism but yet jumped right into it. He admitted to stealing quotes and talked about the harassment of other rival journalists. Hari decided to take a journalism course at his own expense to further his knowledge so that he wouldn’t have to copy any one else’s material anymore.

Researchers have looked at a bunch of articles from the Financial Times, The New York Times, to find that “journalists move in a herd when stock markets are frothy.” They use words like “rise”, “fall”, “close”, and “gain.”  When the markets are falling, however, journalists writings are less alike. Authors still have no idea for the reason for this, I just thought it was very interesting to read about. Mr. Keane thought that a Tolstoy quote could relate to this matter, “Maybe it’s a bit like happy families are all happy in the same way, but unhappy families are unhappy in many different ways.”


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