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October 3, 2011 ckeeter1

Just a simple announcement that Barack Obama would appear on television had people twitting like crazy. Assumptions went up all over the internet. Two theories had equal support by the amount of tweets. Mr. Urban, had got a call, (he was a former defence secretary) and tweeted “So I’m told  by a reputable source they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot dang.”  This message vastly spread all over Twitter. An hour later, Mr. Obama confirmed the message.  Mark Jones says, “All this shows how social media are changing journalism. Every aspect of that story was on Twitter.”

With investigative journalism we have to figure a way around people’s privacy and still get the stories out. “When Swedish journalists write about public figures, they enjoy a strong public interest defense.”  The employers must overlook penalizing the journalists if it breaks the “ethics code” that the Sweden’s have. For instance a married footballer who plays for a very important team had an affair. This would violate the code because just because they are famous doesn’t mean they are “public figures.”

Presentism  “The practice of interpreting the past according to the attitudes and values of the present—a temptation to which politicians, journalists and even historians are wont to succumb.”  

I think this a really good quote for journalists. Journalism is indeed about interpreting the past. We also have to keep in mind who it affects, how we can tell the story, and how is it important.


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