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October 10, 2011 ckeeter1

Margaret Bourke-White is one of the top ten journalists. She is known as the first female war journalist and the first photojournalist to write about the Soviet Industry. She covered things like World War II and was known for her famous photograph of Mahatma Gandhi.

Walter Winchell was a famous opinionated journalist who discussed Adolf Hitler.

David Brinkley , Edward R. Murrow, and Charles Kuralt are famous journalists from North Carolina. Brinkley was famous for the Huntley-Brinkley Report. Murrow was an outstanding journalist. He was a five time Emmy journalist award winner. Murrow was distinguished at CBS news for his TV and radio reporting. Kuralt was also an Emmy and a Peabody award winner who also worked at CBS.

Elijah Lovejoy was a “brave defender of the freedom of the press.”  He lived from 1802 to 1837. Tragically, he was killed by an angry mob one day where he was storing his newly delivered fourth press. They didn’t like his work because he spoke so freely and they were going to burn down his building.

This story really appalled me. There are some great risks in the field of journalism. Especially if you go over seas or somewhere foreign. But for Lovejoy to have such love for his work that he could talk about anything no matter what anyone else said was astonishing. I know his time was awhile back but I think if journalists read about him nowadays, they would be honored to be working in the same field as him. Journalists tell the story. Of course there are some rules, but stories are meant to be told!


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