November 14, 2011 ckeeter1

“Be the data project you want to see on the web.”

Data projects that are great don’t usually come with great data sets, they come with great questions. I thought that this was a great way to look at online projects because it gives you a sense of creativity. If you have great questions to ask then you will never be in the dark.

“If you turn up for the daily news meeting without a story idea, you’re probably in the wrong job.” This is definitely something that I did not know. I always thought that newspapers just handed you story ideas or a topic to cover and that you would just go and write. However, you also have to have ideas about what you want to cover and what would be a good story, which involves research and reading as well.

Greg Linch believes that if your going to be in journalism and tell the best stories then you should be able to tell them in more than just one way. Such as: video, photos, polls, and audio. If you learn how to use all of these effectively then you can get your story out in more ways. You don’t have to be the best video recorder or have the best voice in the world but you can use this effectively to get your story out. Who knows how good you can become with practice!


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