November 21, 2011 ckeeter1

A journalist is a person who is engaged in journalism, a writer or editor for a news medium. This journalist aims their stories at a mass audience. This first known use of journalists was way back in 1693.

Robert Niles has a different approach to journalism, especially journalism pertaining to the web. He says that we must, “unlearn some of the assumptions that journalist’s have developed about reporting and writing news.” Niles describes that most elementary aged kids have read all of the Harry Potter books cover to cover.  People will read something if it is 800 pages long and interesting. However, they will not waste a minute reading garbage. I totally agree with this! I hardly ever find myself reading anything unless it pulls me in because it is interesting. “Its not the reader’s attention span that is the problem, it is the content of the story.”

“You can’t get too detailed or you will lose your audience.” Of course some people might not know some thing that you are explaining in the story, but that is what Google is for! You risk losing your loyal devotees by detailing every single thing, according to Niles. I somewhat agree with this, however, I think some details are very important! I believe that is about capturing all of the details and then throwing out all of the ones that you don’t need.

Some journalism jobs are going to be hard to complete, regardless. One that is strikingly hard is the protest on  Occupy Wall street in New York City. According to this website, more journalists have been arrested covering the movement more frequently while on the job. May journalists across the country have been attacked by police and demonstrators. They have been charged for disorderly conduct and trespassing even with press credentials. This is outrageous! Many risks and problems come with journalism.


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