December 5, 2011 ckeeter1

Every year thousands of journalism, english, and communication majors graduate. Many people are without the means to pick up and go to New York, L.A., Boston, etc. at a moment’s notice. This is what remote internships are for. Remote internships mean that YOU keep in contact with the rest of the staff and especially your supervisor. The person writing this article did an internship, unpaid, for a teen magazine and would have been completely lost if not for constant contact. It is definitely important for this kind of job, as well as any other in journalism, to keep in contact with your fellow workers.

Turning in work early is a good idea to get feedback and place yourself in the good light of your boss.

So many people are intimidated by journalists and fear of being misquoted.  However, this isn’t true. Often they just need to get their job done and have tight deadlines with little pay.  Some tips:

* If you lie, you will be found out! Don’t lie.

* Be open and respectful.

* Journalists want interesting stories about interesting people.

For journalists as well, they should do the same! Don’t lie to the interviewees, people that you meet. Be open and respectful. Even though you have tight deadlines due, show the kindness and respect you deserve from the people that you meet as well.

For Media Interviews:

* Research what you are after in the story.

*Know what you want to say/ ask ahead of time. Planning is very important.  Review the topic you will be discussing. Use the ‘rule of threes’. Make a note at the top of what three most important issues you want to discuss and get across.


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