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December 5, 2011 ckeeter1

Most graduates who are majoring in journalism have the “hard nosed” realism required for their profession, however, most think, “Oh! I’m going to get a job here! There! New York Times! It’s gonna be great.” But in reality a lot of newspapers are shutting down, going bankrupt, or downsizing. So in actuality it is going to be harder to find a job. Your not just going to go out and have the best job ever for the best company.

Some tips to help us when we do get a good job, for interviews, are as follows:
* Don’t ask yes or no questions! How are you going to get a good descriptive story if all they are saying is yes and no?

*Don’t ask misleading questions. Get straight to the point! Don’t mislead the interviewee or guide them on a whole other topic.

*Don’t ask irrelevant questions. You’ll never  get your story out or even find the story if your asking things like, “what is your favorite color?” I mean if you think the  interviewee is cute and single, ask them out later! Work comes first if your trying to get a successful story out.

Journalistic writing can be tricky at times. You want to make your interviewee feel comfortable and let them know that you are interested. Don’t ever say, “Oh! I was hired from this person, or this company, to tell your story! It makes you seem like you don’t care. If you are interested in the story and in the person then the interviewee is going to feel comfortable and open up more. Plus it won’t be a stiff, dry interview, hopefully anyways! There are some things that you can’t avoid and have to learn how to deal with such situations.


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