Journalism & how its changed over the years

December 12, 2011 ckeeter1

Journalism has undoubtedly changed over the years. One newspaper was in most cities. Only about 25% of households got the newspaper. Most of the news even if on T.V. originated from the newspaper. In the late 20th century we had a move toward oligarchy.  A lot of it collapsed because it wasn’t serving people, it was serving an economic system.

A lot of young people didn’t gravitate to that media system because they wanted it now, whenever they could have it. Digital platforms and digital media make this applicable. Migration to the web is increasing rapidly year after year, you can even gets new on your mobile now.

Distribution is now part of the journalist’s job wether they realize it or not. It is from their Facebook profile and how they respond to blogs. This has formed a key element in any news distribution. The “likes” you get from Facebook shows how important it is for the newspaper to be where the reader is, and not the other way around.

The media landscape in general has changed over the past fifty years. The American Society loves entertainment, movies, and television drama. For the news to keep up they often highlight the lives of celebrities instead of international affairs.


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